Why purchase A & M products?

A&M provides high-quality, beautifully designed products that bring a touch of elegance and class to your home while providing the functionality you need.

Are A&M Faucet products lead free?

A&M products are made using the SUS304 stainless steel. We ensure the use of high-quality materials to guarantee that our clients are satisfied with the faucets we offer.

Can A&M Faucet product be installed in my home?

A&M faucets are designed specifically for bathrooms and kitchens counters. They look best when added to a granite countertop and can easily be installed at home.

Where can I buy A&M Faucet products?

A&M products can be purchased through our website which is located at https://www.faucetproductsbyam.com/

How do I contact A&M for assistance?

Our customer service representatives are available to answer your queries. If you need assistance, guidance, or further information regarding our products then A&M can be reached out at Globalinnobyamllc@gmail.com.

Where do I buy A&M products?

Our products can be bought through our any of our authorized dealers or directly through the website which is located at https://www.faucetproductsbyam.com/

What email address should I send my inquiries to?

Any queries or questions should be emailed to our customer representatives. Send your emails to Globalinnobyamllc@gmail.com

I have a A&M product, but cannot locate it on the A&M site?

www.faucetproductsbyam.com features all the products that are currently offered and available by A&M. If you are unable to find your specific model, it might have been discontinued. If you require further assistance, please email us at Globalinnobyamllc@gmail.com

Can a portable dishwasher be connected to a Kitchen Faucet?

While it might be possible, we recommend that kitchen faucets that have a pullout sprayer should never be connected to a portable dishwasher as a fluctuation in pressure can cause ruptures or leaks. Faucets without a portable sprayer are much safer when connected to a portable dishwasher.

Can I use this faucet with 3-hole sink?

Yes. Is good for 1 hole or 3-hole sink. You will need a cover plate or a single cover cap and add a soap dispenser to a hole.

Am I required to hire a certified plumber, or can I install it myself?

A&M faucets come with a complete set of accessories and detailed instructions. The faucets are easy to assemble and install and the process can be done by anyone if they follow the provided instructions. However, certified plumbers are recommended as they are experts.

How can I receive additional help during the installation of a A&M product?

For a smooth installation process, it is recommended that you follow all the steps listed on the manual. If you require further assistance, please check our website and search for the model of your faucet. Follow the instructions listed on the website or email us at Globalinnobyamllc@gmail.com